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Sandals Whitehouse: Oceanfront, Private Beach

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I’ve long awaited the chance to come to this resort on the South Coast of Jamaica.  The allure of a 2 mile stretch of private beach and ALL ocean view rooms, nestled in a nature preserve, has piqued my interest for quite some time.  This long weekend, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy this resort and found that like other Sandals, it has a unique offering for our clients.

Getting to Sandals Whitehouse:  As with the majority of the resort areas in Jamaica, get your mind wrapped around a 90 minute transfer.  Sandals and Couples Resorts do provide their own transportation, but if you are not staying at one of these resorts, I would recommend a private transfer.  Not much would be worse than taking the shared transportation option and possibly adding another 90 minutes to your transfer time.  You cannot guarantee what resorts they will stop at and in what order, so you are along for the ride!  Sandals does have their arrival lounge which offers drinks, nice restrooms and a nice couch to plop down on while you wait for your transfer.  Easy peasy.

The Rooms:  As we all know, Sandals Resorts have entry level rooms, concierge level rooms and butler level rooms.  The names change from time to time and are now deluxe, club and butler, but the three levels of service remain the same.  As you move up the chain, you’ll find more amenities, the possibility of better views, a higher service level and a larger room.

We have been impressed with the size of the entry level rooms at this resort, which include a sitting area and small balcony with beachfront views.  This is not typical of other Sandals Resorts, where your entry level room feels very, well entry level.  The majority of the deluxe rooms are located in the Dutch Village, but there are a few in the other villages as well.  The club level rooms are very much the same, but with the addition of well liquors and a Jacuzzi tub at the club suite level.  The butler level rooms offer one bedroom options with larger balconies, call liquors, and the esteemed butler service.

The Beach:  Two miles of private beach is fantastic, if you are one of those travelers that would prefer not to interact with local vendors.  The beach is wider in some areas than others, but there is quite a bit of it, so explore.  I would stick close to a pool (or take advantage of your butler service) so that you can have drinks while you are sitting on the beach, as there is no beach service.  Very beautiful water, although and within that long stretch, you can certainly find your perfect spot because there’s so much space.

The Pools:  Variety is where it is at here and the only village that doesn’t have a pool is the Italian Village, as it is right next to the main pool complex.  The pool outside the Dutch Village is what I would call a more quiet pool and the pool outside the French Village is more of a party pool with music and a pool bar.  Of course, the larger main pool, will attract more people, the entertainment staff and you can’t beat the pool bar that overlooks the ocean.

The Entertainment:  I enjoyed the entertainment at this resort.  There’s an activity staff that takes care of you during the day with different games and music and the evening entertainment beings a 7pm.  Evening entertainment will include live bands, shows at the Caberet, as well as movies on the beach with smores.  It’s my opinion that this resort is for the more laid back travelers; a couple looking to have a nice time, but not party until the cows come home.

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