Posted by: aboveandbeyondtravelblog | August 22, 2012

Journey Through Ireland: Day 3 – Dublin to Waterford

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It’s another beautiful day, partly cloudy and around 63 degrees. The drive was through gently rolling farm land. Cows, sheep, and a few horses with mostly barley in the fields. The outskirts of Dublin was like you would see driving around any suburb in the states. It felt like home.

We stopped at another ruins of a chapel and grave yard build by St. Kevin in the 1100’s with a tall round bell tower/watch tower. It was still complete with walls and roof, but the rest was just low walls. We saw a video presentation on the history of monasteries in Ireland and that was interesting. Their main problem was Viking attacks.

Next was a stop at the Mount Usher Gardens. This was 120 acres of lush plants of trees, bushes and flowers from all over the world, even palms. This was all planted by the Walpole family on both sides of a rushing river. Quite beautiful and hard not to take a picture every few feet.

After lunch we drove to Waterford stopping at sever Kodak moments of castles and churches, rivers and  fields.  We arrived at the hotel, Granville Hotel, which is a grand building that makes  you feel you are in another century.


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