Posted by: aboveandbeyondtravelblog | December 9, 2010

Royal Caribbean Excursion in Cozumel: Playa Mia Beach Break

Playa Mia Beach Break

Playa Mia Beach Break

We chose to take the Playa Mia Beach Break excursion through Royal Caribbean while in Cozumel.  We paid $29.00 per person and that included the facilities at the beach and our drinks!  It was a $15 (per group) cab ride to and from the beach area.  There was also an option that included the buffet, but we had read that the food wasn’t very good from the buffet, so we just took the drink option.  After talking to people there, we made the right decision!  We ordered some chips and guacamole and chicken nachos from our server.  The food was great and it was just enough for the three of us on the excursion.

There was a shopping area on the way in, as well as lockers, showers, and a nice bathroom facility.  As you walked in towards the beach, there was a cooking class area (most likely where the Mexican Cuisine Workshop & Tasting with Royal Caribbean and many other cruise lines) and a large seating area for the buffet.  Closer to the beach, there was a pool with a shallow area for the little kids and hammocks in the shade.  The beach was fairly wide – large enough for the 4 rows of chairs, but wide enough to have a beach volleyball game between the chairs and the ocean.  There were palm trees throughout, so between those and the beach umbrella that was included, there was enough sun and shade to appease us!

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